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February 06, 2006



this spot is an american advertising abomination. maybe the world hates us because of how we use the lowest common denominator stereotype in ads, but how can you say this spot was worse than brown & bubbly? diddy is a man-whor who really thinks whatever he produces america will buy. i hope to god he gets the cosmic smack down for trying to dance and produce an album with a can of soda. asshole.


Its not an overblown aussie accent, he's from New Zealand and he's from a comedy group called flight of the concords. Why do they have a person from New Zealand doing Outback commercials? I dont know.


wow... who cares it is a stupid commercial that isnt meant to be read into, if u dont like it then don't eat there. the end

glenn imperatore

What was your opinion on the old Ridley Scott
"1984" commercial put out by apple and replayed a few years back. I am still waiting for my teliscreen, although for a while it looked like Guinness TelliPhone was going to be the distributor. Apple and Google share Al Gore. Google's search is an instant runoff voting algorithm. Any chance we'll see Google applying their algorithm to elections?

nursing tank

I would love to go thrifting with you sometime, but I think we'd have to go in opposite directions, else we'd fight over who saw it first

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