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February 15, 2006



totally agree with your points. given all the reporting and books about the corporation everyone knows too much about mcds already. it'll be interesting to hear how franchises feel about the work since they're truly the ones that push the big mac as god product shots.

awp - i think this guest blogger might need some more interweb time...

American Copywriter

Sometimes it really helps not be lost in the baggage of a brand.


where have you gone advertising without pity? come back to the blogosphere. don't deblog just yet. i know you've still got mroe to say!

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts

Supa G

I quit eating at MCDonalds 3 years ago. I encourage you do the same.

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i agree with that too, but still Mc.Donalds is the best. LOL love their foods

From Heat to Electricity Guide

Yeah, i think soo...but Mc Donalds is excellent for me.I love there taste,there foods, everything ...Really delicious for me!Well anyway,thanks for sharing this post.It made me realize something.

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With pockets as deep as McDonalds its ok to run these brand oriented ads. Beat it over our heads and keep them top of mind. Great work McDonald!

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