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January 02, 2006



i am ALL for the Crumbelievable t-shirts. that was THE WORST ad of 2005 for me. It was hard to beat the Coors Love Train, but they did it.

I   I   I

I'm in the camp that believes the Applebee's

creative consistently delivers the worst

bastardizations of songs that were shitty to

begin with. Consistency is something even

great agencies lack.

I say crumbelievable is a one hit wonder

compared to juggernaut of suck that is

Applebee's. Let's get ready to cruuumbllle.


OK, I hear you on Applebee's. Consistently sucky, no doubt. But I wouldn't rule out a resurgence of suckitude at Kraft given the success of crumbelievable.

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I'll even go so far as to say that Kraft

may have ripped Applebee's off, or at least

drew a large part of their inspiration from

AB's legendary "Simply Irresist-a-Bowl" spot.


The Assies. Awards show at the Flynt Publishing Building in LA.

Nursing top

Shame brings back revenge. >:|

Nursing top

Shame brings back revenge and anger. >:|

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