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January 22, 2006


tom lout

Nice job of consistently taking yourself out of the running for any job, at any shop whose work you despise.

Good luck at J Walter.


i already work at j walter. dammit!


i thought you worked at grey la?


Hi, I came to your site after a google search on "ricky gervais gecko". Never did find out who does the voice.

But I just wanted to say I absolutely love the gecko, especially with the cockney accent. I don't know why, I just think its brilliantly quirky. And I'm not really a fan of the british version of The Office, which is just a little too much britishness for me.

A whole show, annoying, a 30 second commercial, entertaining. But maybe I'd like The Office more if it was done with immaculately rendered CG lizards.


Right on! I fucking hate the geico gecko as well. Tie it to a brick and throw it in the fire.

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