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January 29, 2006




tom lout

Leave Dakota alone. She's more talented than you'll ever be. And, she could nail an FSI faster than you could jerk off to Will & Grace.


you need to seriously leave Dakota alone. the only reason you probably hate her is because u are jealous of her. thats like the only reason. Thats why you probably hate her because she is getting more attenion then you will ever get.


OMG! how nice of you to post the pics you don't like on here!



The reason we get here is because we type in dakota fanning then half wau down the page this comes up


and i ain't 11 i am 13

Amanda Dusa

Okay first off. Noting is wrong with Dakota. I don't see why people hate on her so much. No, I havent met her personally but she is a cute little girl, with exploding talent.


Okay, you people can think what you want. We however, don't like Dakota Fanning, and that's our opinion. I bet that someone will post a comeback to this one. So you can try to put a comeback to this post, but I won't care, and you'll only be proving me right, no matter what you type. So there's no point.

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ok people. like no one is coming here anymore and there is another blog that has this too. jeez. not all 11 year olds are horrible spellers. lol. i'm 11. and plus, this is demented. how, let me repeat, how, can people stand her stupid, arrogant, smiling face? it just gives me the creeps! anyway, you people should..... um... Omg! you know the other blog like this one on AWP? well, police started to invade it! i swear, i posted on it and this guy called steve mark pilling was a police dude and he posted like 10 comments! beware! police go on these websites and they spy on people to see if they give away too much info! and then the whole intire. police department posted a reply and then they were like "no! delete everything you said cause you just put to much info! it was like creepy so beware of a guy called steve!!


hello weird people. lol.


LITTLE $(*&@$( %&^)#$%^@*#&$*)%^*)#$^*)%^#)$
i completely hate her guts... she plays in an "inspirational" story about saving a horse... SO fake. As if people don't have more to worry about than listening to a little shitbuiscuit tell people about what a hero she is, saving a horse. If she wanted to be popular, she should either jump off a bridge, or jump out of an airplane loaded with cash in the middle of south africa, and give 5 dollars to every starving kid. Who really gives a shit about her? NOBODY. LOL that felt good.

14 year old guy in Canada

dude, this is really funny


tell me about it. this site is really demented. lets just say, we hate her. end of story. done. people who like her, don't read it. espcially dakota herself.


You Rock Michelle!!


Thankx. seriously. i don't see why people who like her look at this site. why intrude on us when we aren't doing anything to you? reverse the question and ask them.they asked us why we were picking on dakota. well, she's my age.gopick on someone your own age.i am so just leave me alone. let us hate her without intrusion. gosh.


True. So true. What's your email Michelle? (Don't worry, I'm Libby. I'm not some gangster over the internet. lol.) I want to keep in touch. I think we can be good friends.


Dear Michelle: I can vouch for Libby. She got hold of my email (somehow!) but I trust her with it. Ask her for her talent site page. She's a remarkably lovely girl about your age.


yea, but um... i don't kno. my parents don't like me making friends over the internet. steve, is your email really geneos@ev1.net? libby, um.. why don't you give yours first? where do u live? i saw your talent page. i used to want to be an actress, but then i didn't want to. i want to be a writer now. i mean, i get nervous a lot. do u play any instruments?


Dear Michelle:

Your parents are ABSOLUTELY right about being careful on the internet. That's the reason why I revisit these sites- because they ARE risky for children. Michelle: I don't know how you and Libby got ahold of my address, but I wish you wouldn't pass it along. Writing to strange men (and I'm one!) is exactly what I've been trying to warn kids against. Remember what that Los Angeles detective said.

Now that I've found my own email compromised (despite my security settings), I have to wonder if the message boxes are safe, either. Please don't upset your parents by writing to me directly except, maybe, with their STRICT permission. I'm trying to guard children against pedophiles. The LAST thing I want is for anyone to have ANY cause to believe that I'm one myself.

Every best wish.


you bastards you are sons of a bitch foot ever speak again of she like you did you stupids first she is just a 12 years old girl and second she is beautifull and the greatest actress i've ever seen you have no right to speake so stupid things about she in to the hell you bastards you should spend your time in importantthings like going to the psiquiatrist you morons the_black_scorpio_2@yahoo


carlos, your a freakin @$$hole. why did u even go on this site? it clearly says "dakota fugly fanning" fugly is a mixture between fu(k and ugly. if you like her i'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to read something that says stuff like "she's a bitch" or "fu(k her" or anything of that sort, so do us all a favor people who like her, go away. steve, FYI, all the emails people put on here are totally unsecure and plain old anybody can get them. just click on the name. i obviously would tell u guys this because mine is fake. and so is the website, so don't blame me if you get a virus. just wanted that out. Libby, where are you? Is your email thingy real?


dakota fanning is a wonderful actress and how can some of you say bad things about a child who wants to achieve her goal so let her be i dont think any of you would like it if someone said that to you about your job. you people are all jelous of her career. somebody has to do the acting. i dont care what you people say she is going to act her whole life whether you like it or not because she is a talented young actress who will win a academy award someday!


ASHLEY: Are you the same "Ashley" who runs a fan-site? If so, which one? Please advise on this site. I'm assuming that you're a young girl, so I'd rather not use your email without your express permission.


happy easter. lol. i guess she will win an academy, but she'll always suck in some peoples eyes.

mysterious elephant

hm., its okay if you don’t like her... what i don’t understand is why people would hate her. No one has met her and nothing in the media has given anything to support any of these kinds of feelings. To be honest, yes i really like Dakota's acting, and was very moved by her performance in i am sam, i do have to agree however 'dreamer' was terrible, but i wouldn't hate a child for being a little off in her choice of movie roles, i would prefer if she did a bit more independent work, and not so much of the old hollywood crap, though man on fire was quite good, and hide and seek gave her a chance to show other dimensions of her acting (sorry, a bit off topic *coughs*), but either way she's just a sweet realistic child actress in my eyes.

I'm not going to go on about how i think she's so... talented, though admittedly i do, but i do think hate is a little strong, and it makes me sad [non dakota related] that people would be so negative towards randoms for no reason other than 'her face annoys me' - i suppose it doesn't matter, it doesn't affect anyone, it certainly doesn't affect me, make me want to cry out 'oh please stop saying these awful things about poor little Dakota' or anything like that... it just made me think about how the human race can be so hateful over nothing - maybe i'm just a 'saint' as you'd say, but I don't even hate the girl up my road who kicked the s**t outta my head in an unprovoked attack [..oh dear skateboard how i miss thee…] so i don't understand how people can hate a child because of their popularity, even if you think she's untalented, okay - but if i were her and her age i'd just be enjoying myself, i wouldn't think to myself, ‘hmmm, maybe i'm really bad at this, I'll just stop doing this thing i really love to do because it might offend people that i'm onscreen.’ Anyhow I suppose you’ll reply with, why’d you write an essay or whatever, we just hate her okay…

So i suppose my point is, yeah you can hate her, you can think she's untalented, and ugly or other such things, its your life, and you are entitled to your opinion, but why do you really hate her, is it really hate? (no, i'm not implying jealousy - personally i wouldn't be jealous because i believe the journey to your success in life is greater than the actual finish line, and getting to such a peak at such a young age would much rather depress me than fulfil me) fame and fortune is not everything [and I don’t mean you should feel sorry for her either, that would be ridiculous] most of the time you get there and its not what you expected and it never will be, everything looks perfect in front of a camera, but these are just people like you and me, and we’re just as special they are, no matter their looks, or intelligence or fortunes, [you’d think I were a Christian or something, though I think I’m agnostic] man, you’ll all think I have a hell of a lot of time to waste, and I doubt many will read all this, but yeah, as a discussion topic, does no one agree hate is a little strong? Unless you have met her, and she personally was bitch to you, I’ll always be baffled. i know i'm leaving myself open to easy attacks with this post but anyhow... i must get to bed.

Take care people,
Mysterious elephant. x

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