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December 29, 2005


Joe Drimmer

You're pretty much dead on in your assessment, AWP. However, both you and "Creativity" neglected to mention another sizable account that recently parted ways with the agency: Earthlink. And while I agree that Crispin's Coke Zero "Chilltop" commercial was truly cringeworthy, the stuff they did for Earthlink wasn't much better.

Still, they have a better batting average than just about anyone else around. The funny thing is, while they did some great stuff this year, very little was particularly memorable. There was the BK commercial with Hootie and. . . well, not much else. Certainly nothing on the order of their by now infamous "Subservient Chicken." The BK "Coq Roq" campaign, for example, was more noteworthy for the (possibly contrived) controversy surrounding it than for the campaign itself.

So when "Creativity" says that their work "got into faces and into lives and into the cultural stew," well, I think that's a bit of a stretch. Other than the Subservient Chicken, what has Crispin ever done that wormed its way into pop culture?

Of course, "Creativity"'s kissing Crispin already overkissed ass is nothing new. In fact, it's why I stopped reading their magazine. It's like, enough already. We know they're great. While I agree that Crispin's being named "Agency of the Year" is indeed "well deserved," it's also anticlimatic given "Creativity"'s incessant pimping for Crispin the other 11 months of the year.


Well said, Doctor Drimmer.

Hootie was certainly a classic but I'm not sure that "The King" is the cultural phenomenom that Creativity makes it out to be.

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